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Pre-Season Planning

CSM Milwaukee is strictly about snow. Year round, we work with our clients to provide the best service possible.

We focus on minimizing risk. Every client gets a custom plan to provide optimal performance. 

CSM Milwaukee starts early. We document all damage prior to the season start. Broken curb lines, major asphalt and concrete cracks, turf or landscape damage and more. 

We work proudly under pressure, and can happily accommodate any challenging jobs or sites that can be a an issue for smaller contractors. We have the industry knowledge and man power to handle all jobs.

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Custom Snow Maps

Our Property Assessment and all contracts include a dedicated Snow map for your property. This allows us and the client to see exactly where areas of service are needed. We will sit down with you and discuss the specific needs for your property. After taking a walk/site inspection with the client our team of experts will design a snow map specific to your needs. 

Snow Maps outline the following:

  • High traffic areas

  • Areas of increased risk

  • Snow stacking zones

  • Sidewalks

  • Areas designated for plowing & de-icing

  • Facility hours of operation

  • Contact and general information

The advantage to this is increased safety for the client. Our trained employees have access to snow maps at all times via ipad software in plow trucks and machines. This reduces operator error, places where  plowing or salting could be over looked accidentally. Problematic areas are also highlighted to keep tabs on any refreezing, melting or pavement grading issues as well as hazards while working on site. CSM Also has ground temperature sensors to keep accurate tabs on pavement temps when weather gets severe!

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