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De-Icing / Ice Control

CSM Milwaukee Is dedicated using Environmentally Friendly Snow Removal & De-Icing Products. We offer solutions for LEED certified properties specializing in sustainability. Our commitment to 100% liquid de-icing is more environmentally friendly. It reduces our overall sodium footprint. Liquid de-icing is less corrosive and easier on concrete infrastructure and roadways/sidewalks. In addition, this more environmentally friendly approach to snow removal results in less sodium chloride runoff into water ways, which is a greener alternative to traditional snow removal products

Contact us today to hear about our many different De-Icing options and approaches to make your property safe this winter!


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CSM Milwaukee takes ice control very seriously. We have a zero tolerance approach to icy conditions on your property. That is why we are constantly monitoring the weather. Days before and after a snow event.

Early morning site inspections and pavement temperature monitoring are just some of the ways that CSM Milwaukee keeps tabs on the control of icy build up. 

Many factors come into play, freezing rain, sleet and more. Also specific issues depending on your property could include melting and refreezing, parking lot grading and runoff. CSM Milwaukee has the ability to keep tabs on these issues before they become a problem which keeps your business safe! 

The main benefits to using liquid de-icing products versus rock salt

  • Getting the paved surfaces and sidewalks down to bare pavement faster (up to 3-4 times faster than traditional rock salt) 

  • More environmentally friendly + Less chlorides = less run off into storm drains and sewers

  • Reduced janitorial costs. No pesky rock salt tracked inside, less floor cleaning, no damage to escalators and more

  • Liquids work in lower temperatures versus rock salt. Our brine enhancements allow our products to work below 0 degrees

  • Prevents snow and Ice from bonding to the surface of the pavement for safer conditions  

  • Liquid de-icing prevents hard pack on drive lane surfaces

  • Less corrosive, better for concrete an asphalt 

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