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Snow Relocation

Sometimes Milwaukee Winters can be unpredictable. Back to back storms, blizzards and more can be a factor in our area typically. If you need to utilize all the square footage possible for your business, CSM Milwaukee has the ability to haul out unwanted snow piles or push them back to a manor that does not impede on paved surfaces. We will work with you for the desired outcome that you need specially for your property. 

Piles of snow impose on customer and fleet parking, work space, and can cause safety issues with melting and refreezing/runoff. Snow Relocation is typically done in the overnight hours as to not interfere with your business. CSM Milwaukee typically will use a front end loader or skid loader with quad axle dump trucks to truck out the snow and dispose of properly. 

Contact us today if your property has a specific need like this, or if it has been an issue in the past that you would like to address. We'd love to hear from you. 

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