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Snow Plowing

Vehicle and Pedestrian safety is the number one priority for our clients. Our team of experts and 24/7 ready equipment helps reduce risk and down time for your business. We specialize in locations where there is an increase in traffic and vehicle flow on site. Expect proactive service when choosing CSM Milwaukee.

De-Icing lowers the freezing temperature for any paved surfaces. Ensuring the safety of any vehicles or pedestrians on site and also making snow removal more efficient. Before snow hits the desired trigger, our staff works around the clock to perform side walk snow removal, snow blowing, snow plowing and more. 

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CSM Milwaukee features a 24 hour dedicated call line for all clients, should the need for service arise. We have a trained  meteorologist expert able to predict any type of weather at all times on staff. 

We implement technology at CSM Milwaukee. Geo fencing, dash cameras as well as the latest equipment offer cutting edge technology to our clients to ensure minimal risk. Did you know the average cost of a slip and fall is between $15,000-$45,000. Feel confident knowing when your service provider is on site and that all performed services are well documented.  

Hiring CSM Milwaukee is your first step to minimizing winter risk and ensuring timely service. Contact us today for a free site assessment and to find out if our personalized services are right for you!

All Milwaukee based businesses are unique and the type of equipment that can be needed for each job will vary. CSM Milwaukee has a wide variety of different types of trucks, front end loaders and skid loaders to ensure the snow is safely and effectively removed from your property.


CSM Milwaukee features all new Boss and Western and VSI de-icng Equipment. V-Plows, with rubber or steel cutting edges. Box Plows ranging from 8-14 feet. V Box salt spreaders with smart controls that can carry anywhere from 3,500 pounds up to 10,000 pounds of salt. 

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